Dog Talk Services

Dog Talk Training

Consultation Training Appointment

Our one-hour consultation training appointments are designed for those who want to solve specific training and behavior issues. Daytime and evening appointments are available at our facility. Telephone follow up at no charge. $75.00

Call (614)792-6331 for appointment

Private Foundations Training Package

Designed for those who cannot commit to a regular class schedule. Private Foundations Training is tailored to fit your training and scheduling needs, while ensuring your dog learns foundation skills like polite greetings, good walking, come, down and stay. Daytime and evening appointments available at our facility.
5 1-hour sessions for $300

Call (614)792-6331 to schedule

Reactive Dog Training

Under-confident or fearful dogs may behave in ways that are antisocial. This program will identify your dogs issues and triggers, teach you how to manage your dog’s behavior, and provide training to change your dogs problematic behavior. Programs will be tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs. We’ll begin with private sessions and move to include other dogs, people and classes as appropriate.
Consultation and class prices apply.

Call (614)792-6331 to schedule

All classes are held at the Dog Talk Training location
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